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Episode 4: Hour of Code

Hi everyone!  This week (December 9th-15th, 2019) is Computer Science Education Week!  We are celebrating this week by discussing our favorite resources to use with your students this week. Made with Code: This is created by Google.  It gives simple,...

Episode 3: HELP! I am a First Year Teacher!

Back when I was a first-year teacher, I struggled.  Behavior issues, planning, keeping your sanity; It’s CRAZY!  Your stress level is through the roof, many times you feel like quitting.  That’s OK. It’s normal, and everyone has experienced it before....

Episode 1: Remind Goes Paid

Greetings!  We are about to enter the dog days of summer.  Or, depending on where you live, you’re almost back to school...so, summer is over for you (sorry).  We have a great show for you. Remind Article:...

How Should We Use Ed Tech in the Classroom?

I am a firm believer that educational technology should make student learning fun, interactive, exciting, and meaningful.  We all know the educator that takes their 10-year-old word document and posts it on Google Classroom and says they are using educational...

“Remind” is No Longer 100% Free

“Remind” is No Longer 100% Free

If you are a user of “Remind”, there are changes-a-comin’.  Remind has been free as long as it’s been around. They are now implementing a “freemium” model to their software.  No worries to most of you, however. If you...

Episode 0: Introduction

Greetings!  Welcome to my very first podcast episode for Ed Tech Smart!  Hopefully this will be one of many episodes that I’ll be having.   You can follow me a bunch of ways: Twitter Facebook Instagram Enjoy!