If you are a user of “Remind”, there are changes-a-comin’.  Remind has been free as long as it’s been around. They are now implementing a “freemium” model to their software.  No worries to most of you, however. If you are a classroom teacher that uses Remind, you will most likely still be covered under the free plan.

Starting 7-23-19, free accounts can have up to 150 people per class, and you can own or co-own up to 10 classes. If you have more than 10 classes, the first 10 classes will be available to use, and the rest will be archived (the first 10 will be determined by the creation date).

If you have more than 150 people in a class, you will essentially be “locked out” of it and not be able to send messages until that class is within the 150 participant limit.

All students, in archived classes or not, will be able to send and receive individual messages from the teacher. 

Paid plans are only available for schools or organizations at this time. If your school does have a plan, your limits increase: up to 5000 people per class. Each participant can have up to 100 classes. You can also send longer messages, get better statistics on your messages you send out, and more. For more information on plans click here: https://www.remind.com/plans

More information on these changes can be found here: https://help.remind.com/hc/en-us/articles/202540798-Is-there-a-limit-on-the-number-of-participants-or-classes-I-can-have-